Katharina Rüll

405768220 Hégenheim


Dernière participation aux ateliers ouverts



  • Multimedia
  • Performance
  • Technique mixte



68 rue de Bâle
405768220 Hégenheim

tél : +4 17 87 11 44 40



    Katharina Rüll creates fiction with plenty technics…she makes her own world with stage building, props, costumes and performance. But never in a dramatic way. Her stile is very quiet and abstract even if she is telling complex stories. The content of this stories are human archetypes, old fairytales and sience fiction. Instead of doing that in the traditional way of an storyteller, she has invented a original mix of Minimalism and Mystic. Also the material that she is using has always its own history. It is a collection of staff that Katharina Rüll finds on her walking tours through Basel and surroundings. Hunting for interesting things is part of the process and brings new contents. But this isnt the only reason why she is working with used material. Also in order to point to the responsibility of an artist to protect natural resorces. Tranceformation in all its forms is her discipline and it doesnt matter with what kind of media she is showing that. Her mission is to find magic in the ordinary.



    Geboren 1985 in Augsburg, Deutschland

    Gastdozentin mit dem Vortrag zum Seminar „Immer diese Wirklichkeit“ an der Uni Kassel, Fachbereich Architektur

    Performerin in der Ausstellung „too early to panic“ von Gerda Steiner und Jörg Lenzlinger, Museum Tinguely, Basel

    Venue-Managerin und Performerin in der Ausstellung MAI-Prototype von Marina Abramovich, Museum Tinguely, Basel

    Jurymitglied, Auswahlverfahren Studiengang Master of Fine Arts, HGK, Kunstinstitut, Basel

    Master of Fine Arts, HGK, Kunstinstitut, Basel

    Preisträgerin des Essener Förderpreises, Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst und Wissenschaft, Essen

    Studium an der freien Akademie der bildenden Künste Essen, Meisterschülerin Michael Seeling interdisziplinäre Arbeit


    „I never read / Art Book Fair“ – 2020 – Schaulager – Basel
    „Make your own exhibition“ – 2020 – Kunsthalle Zürich – Zürich
    „gimme shelter“ – 2019 – Projektraum M54 – Basel
    „mind on moon“ – 2019 – FABRIKculture – Hegenheim
    „Dem Leben lauschen wie es ist“ – 2016 – FABRIKculture – Hegenheim
    „Kunst/Stoff“ – 2015 – E-werk – Freiburg i.Br.
    „Regionale 15“ – 2015 – FABRIKculture – Hegenheim
    „Popcorn“ – 2014 – Zip – Basel
    „Schichtwechsel“ – 2014 – Offroom – Wuppertal
    „Bilder von Menschen“ – 2014 – Stämpfle Galerie – Weil am Rhein
    „Transformation“ – 2013 – Kunsthalle – Basel
    „Regenbogenleicht“ – 2012 – alte Schlosserei – Basel
    „Touch my Krokodile“ – 2012 – Villa Renata – Basel
    „Le grand malaise“ – 2011 – freies Kunst Territorium – Bochum
    „between fern and fennel“ – 2011 – Galerie KU28 – Essen
    „raum eins“ – 2010- Galerie KU28 – Essen