Kaspar Flück

68220 Hégenheim


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68 rue de Bâle
68220 Hégenheim

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    Kaspar Flück (*1989, Solothurn) opens multiple and ambiguous spatial structures in his classical oil paintings, waving between light and dark, in layers repeatedly reamed. Similar to puzzles, the paintings leave open whether one looks into spaces or at bodies. Birth cave and star birth thus overlap even more intimately than in religious painting, but at the same time without any Christian sentimentality. With Michael Biberstein (1949-2013), the baroque Solothurn has already produced an artist who catapulted himself from the aesthetically exuberant historical epoch directly into modernism. However, the latter rather docked to the light frescoes of the late Baroque, while Flück explores the dramatic Chiaroscuro painting of the altar paintings of the 17th century anew.

    Katharina Holderegger, Kunstbulletin 4/2018



    *1989 lives and works in Basel CH and Hégenheim FR

    2007-2009 Ecole d’ Arts Visuels, Biel Bienne CH
    2006-2007 Preliminary creative course, Ecole d’ Arts Visuels, Biel Bienne CH

    Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Solothurn CH

    2019 Galerie Heinzer Reszler, ArtGeneve Soloshow
    2018 ‘Dark Dreams, Inner Light’ Galerie Heinzer Reszler, Lausanne
    2011 ‘Weite Welten’ Näijere-Huus, Hersiwil
    2011 ‘Aufbruch’ Galerie Hedy Ernst, Aarwangen

    2021 Winterhilfe, Haus der Kunst St. Josef, Solothurn
    2020 Art Geneve, Genf
    2019 Gregor Lanz, Kaspar Flück, Schlösschen Vorder-Bleichenberg, Solothurn
    2019 Seerow Solothurn
    2018 Kantonale Jahresausstellung, Kunstmuseum Solothurn
    2018 Ausstellung Kantonaler Förderpreisträger, Künstlerhaus S11 Solothurn
    2018 ‘Was Trauben und Vorhänge gemeinsam haben’ mit Alex Bleuler, Marco Scorti, Tartart Zürich
    2018 JKON 2018, Schützi Olten
    2017 33. Jahresausstellung der Solothurner Künstler, Kunstmuseum Olten
    2013 ‘Brasserie Saint -Jo’ John Beech, Kaspar Flück, David Rabinowitch,
    Pavel Schmidt, Peter Wüthrich, Wolfgang Zät, Haus der Kunst St. Josef, Solothurn
    2012 ‘Flück Rieder Flück’ Jakob Rieder, Anna Flück Galerie 9, Solothurn
    2011 ‘Azeiger’ Schlösschen Vorder-Bleichenberg, Solothurn

    2018 Kulturförderpreis des Kantons Solothurn, Bereich Bildende Kunst
    2010 Azeiger Kulturförderpreis
    2009 Förderpreis der Rentsch Stifung, Bildende Kunst
    2009 Innovationsboss-Preis Agentur ProForma / beste Abschlussarbeit Grafik, SFGBB
    2009 Auszeichnung beste Abschlussarbeit Illustration SFGBB