Christoph Goettel

4102 Binningen


Dernière participation aux ateliers ouverts



  • Collage
  • Peinture
  • Vidéo



Waldeckweg 36B
4102 Binningen
tél : 0041 79 370 29 20



Christoph Göttel, born in St.Wendel, Germany.
1986–1990 Art/Graphic-Design study Artschool FKS in Stuttgart (Germany).
Lives and works since 1990 in Basel/Switzerland



I will present framed and not frames paperworks about faces and peoples in different situation. It is a mixmedia with collage, oil, ink, pencil and tape.
The format will be about from A4 until 130 x 180 cm. I will present 3 large formats and 5 smaler works. On a Laptop I will present a video clip « refresh your senses »