Ariane Lugeon

68220 Hégenheim


Dernière participation aux ateliers ouverts



  • Installation
  • Objet
  • Performance



68 rue de bâle
68220 Hégenheim
tél : +4179275**



    présent dans les ateliers

    129 - Halmhaus
    052 - Ateliers Bois - Ateliers de la Ville de Strasbourg


    With her art Ariane manages to materialize emotional states with textile fibers and thus to let them interact with the environment, so that the observer recognizes it and feels like looking into a mirror. 


    Ariane born 1974 in Switzerland (Biel), she lives and works in Scandinavia & also since 2017 she works in Basel (CH) & in Hégenheim (F).


    Autodidact. nonconformist. developing.

    Since 20 years freelance artist.

    Textilart, Installation, Performance, Photography
    Embroidery  and Knitting is her passion.




    Groupshow, Voltage, Basel (CH)
    Groupshow, *Ateliers Ouverts*, Hégenheim (F) Alsace
    Performance Art Birthday  “I belief in Popcorn“ , Curator: Dr. Nicoletta Torcelli, E-Werk Freiburg (D)

    Performance, ∑ / SUMME  Basel “I belief in Popcorn“, Basel
    Performance “the Popcorn Pray“ at Jeremie Maret ,The Proposal Art, Zurich
    Groupshow Lanzarote Art Festival (Spain)
    Groupshow * Atelier Ouverts*, Hégenheim (F) Alsace
    Groupshow *Room 105* Galerie Widmer&Theodoridis, Eschlikon

    Groupshow *The world is not enough* Galerie Widmer&Theodoridis, Eschlikon

    Groupshow Kunst i Kapellet sct. hans have, Roskilde (DK)
    Soloshow – move mountains, Swiss Embassy Hellerup (DK)

    ArtPosition in cooperation with Andreas Schulenberg (DK), Fribourg (CH)
    Bureau 14c, Curator Mathias Kobel, Bern

    Groupshow *aus gutem Stoff* Galerie Widmer&Theodoridis, Eschlikon

    Exhibition *gut bestickt* Galerie Widmer&Theodoridis, Zurich

    Groupshow Art Position Murten und Umgebung

    2011 Groupshow 7 Sünden Kunstraum Kehlhof, Stäfa
    2010 Groupshow X-Mas Musée jurassien des arts, Moutier
    2009 Performance Peripherie Arts Stufenbau, Ittigen
    2008 Soloshow Silent Rockets, Galerie Belle5, Bellerive
    2006 Groupshow Sensee, Museum Murten
    2006 Installation Poisson Rouge Ilford Villa, Fribourg
    2004 Soloshow stoffStier Art-buvette, Fribourg
    2003 Soloshow minotaurus Aventic, Avenches
    2002 Groupshow Schloss Meggenhorn, Meggen

    Longer Working Residence in France, Berlin and Denmark
    Publikationen: 2006 author Silvia Zehnder-Jörg, Book * Kunstschaffende in Deutschfreiburg 1848-2006*