Ann Schomburg

10247 BERLIN


Dernière participation aux ateliers ouverts



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Scharnweberstraße 56
10247 BERLIN
tél : 00491704050777



Ann Schomburg was born in Northeim, Germany in 1984. She lives and works in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Kassel and Hattorf am Harz.
Since 2005, she studied fine arts in the classes of Joel Baumann (new media), Urs Lüthi (Being and Fiction) and Bjørn Melhus (virtual reality) at the Acadmy of Fine Arts Kassel. In April 2012 she graduated with honors. In the same year she was appointed master student of Urs Lüthi.
Schomburg’s origins started in parliamentary politics, but she decided to switch her career to fine arts, to formulate observations of society in an artistic expression using the real life experience.
Using her own person as an example of real life, where art and life are in a symbiotic relationship. The consistent comparison of the various reactions to the “reality performance” and her art are a relevant focus of research. Schomburg’s interest is undermining ways using a very own system of logic to reinterpret settled systems. Her research and work is primarily influenced by national and
international workshops and residencies; 2007-2009 she had a free research stay in New York, in 2008 residency in Taiwan, 2010 in Berlin, 2011 in China and in Tours, France.
During her studies Ann Schomburg was awarded for her photographic work Northeim, sculptures. by the Unternehmenspark Kassel (category best student work). In 2012 she was promoted by the management of Preview Berlin Artfair as an emerging artist. In the same year Schomburg traveled with a delegation of five German artists at the invitation of the Tennessee State University in
Nashville, US. There, she presented with a delegation of German artists her work on various art academies and realized an exhibition with Students from the TSU. 2013 Schomburg was awarded with the Kassler Art Prize of the Wolfgang Zippel Foundation, who bought the photo series Northeim, sculptures. for their collection the year after.
In the Spring of 2014, Ann Schomburg called “idling mobile” to life, a mobile artist in residence project. The residency is a hybrid between an interactive sculpture and a residency program. In this constellation Schomburg invites other artists to participate into the residencies and exhibitions she gets invited to, to redesign the common structures of the institutional art support. For 2015
Ann Schomburg plans a residency tour through Germany and France in cooperation with project spaces and a crowd founding campaign.Since the summer of 2014, the project is connected to the “idling gallery”an art laboratory in which thematic exhibitions open the dialog between emerging
and established artist. A place for art and artistic networking.



2014 Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, Projektstipendium
2014 Canale Grande, Urbahne Künste Ruhr, Arbeitsstipendium
2013 Preis der Zippelstiftung, Kasseler Kunstpreis
2012 DAAD Reise Stipendium China
2010 Preis des Unternehmenspark Kassel
2008 DAAD Stipendium für Workshop Taiwan
Other shoots, Flur 11, Braunschweig
Wurzeln weit mehr aufmerksamkeit widmen, Gallerie der Hochschule, Saarbrücken
Artothek, Dokumentahalle, Kassel
Home is where, Symposium, Datteln
Canale Grande, Schiffshebewerk, Datteln
UTA, Kunsthalle Weißensee Berlin
No pression, Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel
Mal wieder Freitag der 13., The idling Gallery, Berlin
Idling mobile, Reinraum, Düsseldorf (Performance, Solo)
Idling mobile,Alte Spinnerei, Leipzig (Performance, Solo)
Idling mobile , Galleriefest, Kassel (Performance, Solo)
Idling mobile, Alte Spinnerei, Leipzig (Performance, Solo)
Idling mobile, Parkplatz, Kassel (Performance)
Luxus, Galerie der deutschen Botschaft, New York (Catalog)
Hilfe ich hasse Kunst, KasslerKunstverein (talk)
UHU, Kunsthalle Weißensee, Berlin
Die Ultimative Gebrauchsanweisung für zeitgenössische Kunst, Museumsnacht, Neue Gallerie Kassel
Pur Pur, The Wye, Berlin
Station to station, Emerson Gallery, Berlin (Screening)
Ausstellung zum Kasseler Kunstpreis, Südflügel Kulturbahnhof, Kassel
Gelb spielt keine Rolle, erster Esslinger Kunstpreis, Esslingen
Samowar,Gallerie Coucou, Kassel
Memory Cash, Venus und Apoll Julia Stoscheck, Düsseldorf
concept has no geography, three squad gallery, Nashville, US
Preview Berlin art fair, Berlin (catalog)
Private Investigations, Kulturfabrik Salzmann, Kassel (Solo)
Interventionen, Regierungspräsidium Kassel (katalog)
Windows III, Deutscher Künstlerbund Projektraum, Berlin
Niederungen und Eroberungen, Galerie Offenes Atelier D.U.Design, Villach Austria
Eitelkeiten, Ausstellung zum Kunstpreis, Kasseler Unternehmenspark, Kassel
Thesis, Octroi, Tours, France
Parallele Wirklichkeiten, Kunstpavilion im Botanischen Garten, München (catalog)
Bild und Verbrechen, Künstlerverein Wiesbaden (catalog)
Kleine Monumente, Hermannshof, Völksen
Double Happyness, Hangzhou, China catalog)
Interception tête-à-tête, GALERIE IM REGIERUNGSVIERTEL, Berlin,
Museumsnacht, Nachrichtenmeisterei, Kassel
Synthetic Beats and Flowers, City Sonics sound festival, Mons, Belgium (catalog)
Trois et moi, Gallerie Melchior, Kassel
Das Fest, Galerie Loyal, Kassel
Anadoma, video festival, Braunschweig (screening/catalog)
Spaziergang, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel (magazin)
Spielzone, Schloss, Münnerstadt (katalog)
Kunstausstellung, Minesterium Wissenschaft und Kunst, Wiesbaden (katalog)
Fernauslöser, Stadtmuseum Kassel
Monitoring, Dokfest, Kunstverein Kassel (catalog)
Platform 5,Kunstverein Hannover (catalog)
Privacy 101, Hotel London, Istanbul, Turkey